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3rd place in the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023!

Thank you all who voted and played the game! I really hope you enjoyed it and had fun!

NOTE: I've uploaded a post jam version where the alchemy panel is fixed and a few other behind the scene tweaks. I haven't edited/fixed anything else that was non gamebreaking (like the alchemy panel), so you can still enjoy the same jam experience. (Obviously, the jam version is still there as well)

NOTE: If you get stuck while using the alchemy panel (as in, you can't close it), just save after you're done and then load and it'll be gone again :D (You can also press F5 to quicksave)

Short Dungeon Crawler created for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023, where the theme was "Duality". 

You are a village witch who wakes up alone and imprisoned by Beast Hunters. Escape the prison and save your little village from the beast that begun prowling the forests, all the while fighting the Hunters who, for some reason, think you're the one to blame...

The game is pretty short and the screenshots hide the UI for spoiler reasons :D

Had a lot of fun with this one. Each year I build upon the same "base gridder engine" I've built in Unity and each year I add more things to it and fix more things and try to bend it in different ways. Eventually, I'll probably have a decent dungeon crawler base, hah, but that moment is far away since I only work on it during these jams.

Have fun!


Cara's Voiceover: kristina_vo

Most of assets: Synty Studios and Meshtint

Sounds: Freesound.org

Music: Ibuproaudio, John Leonard French


WASDQE or Numpad to move

You can click on mobs to attack them or right click to use your special ability. Or you can just click on the icons on screen for the same effect.

You can right click on your right-hand attack ability to change it (once you learn other abilities).

I for inventory (or onscreen icon) and right-click on notes and potions in your inventory to interact with them


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BeastOfOakenbrook-Fixes.zip 110 MB
Oakenbrook-Jam version.zip 112 MB


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Game looks great, once you leave the dungeon it gets pretty laggy. Also I was unable to get out of the crafting widget once I entered it in the house in the forest.

Thanks for playing. Did you play the web version where you couldn't exit the crafting widget? It might be cut off due to the resolution on web :( which sucks because I didn't have time to fully run through that. 

It was on the web version, yeah. Otherwise I really loved the art style and game play of the game.

yeah, sadly I did not anticipate that. The desktop version should work fine. I've added a disclaimer to the page, thanks for the feedback